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One of the reason companies appoint official distributors is to ensure there end customers are getting the best possible service.

Official distributors generally have a number of key differences. Firstly they offer the ability to hold large quantities of stock with adequate warehouse facilities. Having stock available for immediate dispatch is a priority. Having members of staff ready and available to dispatch orders as soon as possible, ultimately any order placed on any website should be processed and dispatched on the same day , especially if orders are placed before 4pm ish.

We posted back in Feb 2009 about our website being the official website for Europe including the UK for this number 1 breast enhancement cream.  Since then, perfect woman cream and perfect woman lotion has been recognised as a industry leading product.  We also warned recently that you should be careful when purchased from non official re-sellers in the UK as some of these resellers do not practise good business.

To reinforce this please read the following statement:

“Here at the UK official perfect woman distributors we would like to remind all customer that it is advisable to always purchase products through an official confirmed source.

We were recently contacted by a customer that had made a purchase from a website selling perfect woman. This website had copied our official website in an attempt to look the same as ours. This customer has waited more than a week since her order with no contact from the company. Following several ignored emails and attempts to contact the company behind the website the customer realised that something was wrong. After investigating this the customer contacted us. We advised and tried to help this customer as best as possible.”

These sort of reports are becoming increasingly common. This report simply confirms a number of things to us.

Firstly, the company does not either have these products in stock or there is no staff working for the company to dispatch goods. This means the company could possibly be run from a bedroom as a hobby meaning any orders are only processed once every few weeks.

Either way, with this information we urge you to be careful when making any purchases. This also extends to purchases made for any product and not just perfect woman cream.

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