The end of an era for Erotica

Looking around the UK at a location where you will find plenty of sexy ladies.  Big breasts and lots of hustle and bustle, of course I’m talking about the UK’s longest running adult lifestyle show, Erotica.

Erotica has been running now for many year, since 1997 in fact but as the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end”. And I’m afraid it looks like this is the end for Erotica and the Erotica show.

The show has been losing visitors for many years now. Several years ago the show used to boast 90,000 visitors over a 3 day period yet for the last 2 years the show has been advertising just 60,000 visitors to potential exhibitors. With this in mind it’s easy to guess that this figure of 60,000 is massively inflated and the true figure is more like 30,000. We have sent emails to the organisers of the show requesting the official figures for the 2011 show that took place at Earls Court Olympia but to date have not received any reply.

I was lucky enough to be given a exhibitor pass for the day so I wasn’t ripped off by paying for a ticket, which I will add was an extra £5 on last years Saturday priced tickets 🙁 .

My initial thoughts although I thought the show was quiet in terms of visitor numbers was the fact that nothing has ever changed. The same old line ups placed in different locations. The same old statues, (men painted gold/silver/black), is there anything worth going to see these days?

One thing I noticed this year over any other year was trannies!! Everywhere I turned I noticed men with badly applied make up and poorly dressed in clothes that looked like something from the 60’s. Then I was informed that there was a new feature, the T-Bar. Upstairs the organisers had set up a bar called the t-bar, a bar with transvestite bar staff and a nice meeting place for fellow like minded trannies.

So next I made my annual visit around the stands, looking for a bargain, looking for some excitement but all I found was doom and gloom. Having spoken to several of the exhibitors I was informed that this would be their last years, along with many other companies that fork out their hard earned cash, some around £10,000+ for a stand some found it difficult in the current climate to compete directly with the organisers of the show that had at least 4 different stands of there own selling a range of items including Sex toys, DVDs, cocktails, Lingerie etc. Very funfair on paying exhibitors.

It already looks like the behaviour of the show organisers over the last few years has been taking effect. The new 2012 Erotica UK show has been moved from the large Olympic hall to the smaller national hall. This not only holds half of the stalls but also holds half of the visitors. Surely this is a good indication that this is the end for Erotica??

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