official perfect woman cream

Still the official European distributor for Perfect woman cream.

To be the perfect woman you have to have the perfect body. If you would like the perfect body but need bigger, fuller firmer breasts then perfect woman cream can help.

With over 100k units sold we are the worlds number 1 selling and most proven breast enlargement cream available.

Buy with confidence from the official European distributor.

Perfect Woman Cream

Please note. We have removed the Perfect woman firming lotion from our product portfolio.


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perfect woman downtime

We would like to apologise for the recent downtime we experienced with our website recently. This was unexpected and out of our hands as the hardware one our dedicated server developed a fault. This fault has a built protection which stopped the server working and serving web pages in an effort to protect the server fault developing further which would in turn lead to loss of data.

With this in mind we upgraded our server as soon as possible to avoid any problems. During the upgrade process our website was unavailable. If you tried to order perfect women cream during this time we would like to apologise. Our website is now fully operational and all orders can now be placed online.

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If you are worried that Perfect Woman Cream is all just a scam, then the best thing to do is to do some research. Look through blogs and reviews and find out what other customers are saying.

That being said Perfect Woman now has a Testimonials page, including reviews from many customers on Perfect Woman Products. If you are having any doubts, I recommend you check this out.

Go to the official Perfect Woman Website and click on Testimonials to find out more.

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Perfect Woman in Top Ten!!

On-line Medical Researchers have listed Perfect Woman in the Top Ten Breast Enhancement Creams & Pills for 2013!

That’s right, Perfect Woman Breast Enhancement Cream has been medically rated one of the best for 2013, even beating top brands such as St. Botanica.

If you are looking to get firmer, larger breast by using natural ingredients then chose Perfect Woman. It has been rated 70% effective and 100% safe by medical researchers, giving you confidence and reassurance that Perfect Woman is a reliable brand you can trust.

You can order Perfect Woman Breast Enhancement Creams & Lotions HERE.

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Erotica plans return in 2013

You may recall back in April 2012 when the Erotica 2012 show was cancelled we reported on the issues surrounding the demise and fall of Erotica.

Well it’s back, according to a post about erotica show 2013 it is reported that the Erotica show is to return at a new earlier date of October and it will also be hosted at a new venue in the East London.

Check out the details at for more information.

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Official Perfect Woman cream

It’s official, perfect woman breast enhancement cream continues to be the industry leading bust enlargement cream within the UK.

With this in mind it’s crucial that when making a purchase and selecting a retailer you choose a reputable seller. No reseller can provide service and genuine products like the official reseller Perfect Woman.

We always carry enough stock to supply our customers and always provide a same day dispatch if your order is received before 4pm.

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peace of mind guaranteed

One of the reason companies appoint official distributors is to ensure there end customers are getting the best possible service.

Official distributors generally have a number of key differences. Firstly they offer the ability to hold large quantities of stock with adequate warehouse facilities. Having stock available for immediate dispatch is a priority. Having members of staff ready and available to dispatch orders as soon as possible, ultimately any order placed on any website should be processed and dispatched on the same day , especially if orders are placed before 4pm ish.

We posted back in Feb 2009 about our website being the official website for Europe including the UK for this number 1 breast enhancement cream.  Since then, perfect woman cream and perfect woman lotion has been recognised as a industry leading product.  We also warned recently that you should be careful when purchased from non official re-sellers in the UK as some of these resellers do not practise good business.

To reinforce this please read the following statement:

“Here at the UK official perfect woman distributors we would like to remind all customer that it is advisable to always purchase products through an official confirmed source.

We were recently contacted by a customer that had made a purchase from a website selling perfect woman. This website had copied our official website in an attempt to look the same as ours. This customer has waited more than a week since her order with no contact from the company. Following several ignored emails and attempts to contact the company behind the website the customer realised that something was wrong. After investigating this the customer contacted us. We advised and tried to help this customer as best as possible.”

These sort of reports are becoming increasingly common. This report simply confirms a number of things to us.

Firstly, the company does not either have these products in stock or there is no staff working for the company to dispatch goods. This means the company could possibly be run from a bedroom as a hobby meaning any orders are only processed once every few weeks.

Either way, with this information we urge you to be careful when making any purchases. This also extends to purchases made for any product and not just perfect woman cream.

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the end of erotica

Back in December 2011 following a very poor Erotica show at London’s Earls Court Olympia we wrote an article about the show and the show organisers. You can view the article here,

Well recently the organisers of the Erotica UK show released a press release announcing that the London 2012 Erotica had been cancelled.

It’s with great joy that I am able to report this knowing that this is what was predicted by myself after last years very poor show and underhand treatment of the show organisers against many of the exhibitors.

If anyone has any further information they would like to contribute then please feel free to comment below.


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Order with confidence

We are the UK official suppliers and distributors for Perfect Woman, the UK’s leading breast enlargement cream and breast firming lotion.

We know that by placing orders on our website you can be guaranteed of your privacy. As the official UK suppliers of perfect woman cream we are registered with the ICO (, Our registration number is Z2726798. We always recommend purchasing from a genuine company. A company registered with the ICO is just one way to give you the peace of mind that the company you are purchasing from is a professional and honest company.

As the official supplier of perfect woman cream we know there is no other company that offers the same level of service that we do. We always try to maintain high stock levels of perfect woman cream and firming lotion. One main advantage of having this availability is the order processing time is greatly reduced.

We are now able to offer all of our customers same day dispatch on any order placed by 4pm each day. All orders are sent out by first class recorded delivery. 95% of our customers receive there orders the next day.

Order with confidence, order with perfect woman uk.


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The end of an era for Erotica

Looking around the UK at a location where you will find plenty of sexy ladies.  Big breasts and lots of hustle and bustle, of course I’m talking about the UK’s longest running adult lifestyle show, Erotica.

Erotica has been running now for many year, since 1997 in fact but as the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end”. And I’m afraid it looks like this is the end for Erotica and the Erotica show.

The show has been losing visitors for many years now. Several years ago the show used to boast 90,000 visitors over a 3 day period yet for the last 2 years the show has been advertising just 60,000 visitors to potential exhibitors. With this in mind it’s easy to guess that this figure of 60,000 is massively inflated and the true figure is more like 30,000. We have sent emails to the organisers of the show requesting the official figures for the 2011 show that took place at Earls Court Olympia but to date have not received any reply.

I was lucky enough to be given a exhibitor pass for the day so I wasn’t ripped off by paying for a ticket, which I will add was an extra £5 on last years Saturday priced tickets 🙁 .

My initial thoughts although I thought the show was quiet in terms of visitor numbers was the fact that nothing has ever changed. The same old line ups placed in different locations. The same old statues, (men painted gold/silver/black), is there anything worth going to see these days?

One thing I noticed this year over any other year was trannies!! Everywhere I turned I noticed men with badly applied make up and poorly dressed in clothes that looked like something from the 60’s. Then I was informed that there was a new feature, the T-Bar. Upstairs the organisers had set up a bar called the t-bar, a bar with transvestite bar staff and a nice meeting place for fellow like minded trannies.

So next I made my annual visit around the stands, looking for a bargain, looking for some excitement but all I found was doom and gloom. Having spoken to several of the exhibitors I was informed that this would be their last years, along with many other companies that fork out their hard earned cash, some around £10,000+ for a stand some found it difficult in the current climate to compete directly with the organisers of the show that had at least 4 different stands of there own selling a range of items including Sex toys, DVDs, cocktails, Lingerie etc. Very funfair on paying exhibitors.

It already looks like the behaviour of the show organisers over the last few years has been taking effect. The new 2012 Erotica UK show has been moved from the large Olympic hall to the smaller national hall. This not only holds half of the stalls but also holds half of the visitors. Surely this is a good indication that this is the end for Erotica??

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